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Vastu for House

Vastu meaning the ancient Indian science of architecture was introduced to us by our ancestors. Many people often misunderstand the concepts of Vastu Shastra for house and often relate it with superstition. But such people are totally wrong in their approach as Vastu shastra is no superstition but has various scientifically proven principles that ensure peace and prosperity in the lives of humans. The basic purpose of this concept is the benefit of the entire humankind. Nowadays people have started to believe more in the concept and are understanding the benefits of the same. For a house to become a home, it is always necessary for a person to inculcate the principles of Vastu for house.

Vastu for House: Vastu tips

Some of them are mentioned below:

  • The main door of the house must always be made with superior quality wood. North, east, and northeast are the three directions considered most auspicious for the entrance of the house.
  • The East and north-facing living room in the house is considered most auspicious. The living room of the house must preferably be in front. The center portion for the purpose must always be avoided.
  • The Wall of the kitchen and toilet must neither be the same nor on the same side as it is considered bad. The kitchen and pooja room must always be constructed away from the toilet and bathroom.

Vastu shastra for house (2021)

  • In houses with multiple floors, the pooja room must always be on the ground floor as it is considered auspicious as per the rules of Vastu shastra for house.
  • Southeast and northwest are the two directions considered most auspicious for the setting up of the kitchen in the house.
  • The storage shelves in the kitchen must face south. The west direction only ensures the good health of family members.

Not just this, but Vastu shastra also provides various remedies for the families living in Vastu flats. Just by making some minor re-arrangements in the furniture and decorative items, you can experience a peaceful life and contact Vastu for house.