Tips of Vastu for Industrial Property

Vastu For Industrial

Vastu shastra, the ancient Vedic science of architecture has found its way in modern times due to its proven and experienced results. It basically deals with the management of cosmic energy in buildings. It unites science, art, astrology, and astronomy. Vastu shastra helps to develop and maintain health and wealth in the lives of individuals. Not just for homes, but nowadays people have started to adopt the principles of Vastu shastra for their industries as well. There are different rules of Vastu for industrial works suggested by the experts that one must follow. We can not deny the fact that there are major differences in the production methods of various industries. But some basic principles of Vastu Shastra are universally applicable.

Vastu for industrial space: Vastu tips

Some of them are mentioned below:

  • There must be a more open areas in the east as well as the north direction as compared with the west and south direction of any company.
  • The construction of walls in the north and the south direction must be thinner whereas. Thicker walls must preferably be constructed on the south as well as the west side of the building of any industry. This obstructs negativity and makes space for positivity in the place and contact Vastu shastra for industrial.
  • The staircase must be constructed in the southwest direction of the building.

Vastu shastra for industrial property (2021)

  • The underground tank must be constructed in the northeast direction of the building whereas the overhead water tanks must be in the southwest direction.
  • The most favorable corner for the construction of outhouse or staff quarters is northwest.

The rules of Vastu for industrial workers are a huge concept. One should always make sure that the industry is always well ventilated and well lit. Vastu shastra not only helps the industry to grow in terms of finance but also ensures a non-accidental zone. You must always avail of the services of reliable Vastu consultants for better results.