Best Tips Vastu for Institute

Vastu For Institute

An educational institute is a place where a person acquires knowledge that helps in the development of his/her character, personality, and intelligence. So, if such an important place is designed according to the principles of Vastu shastra, then it helps to improve the concentration power of the students. Vastu for institute is necessary as it helps in the peaceful development of the ambiance of any educational institute and also maintains the goodwill of the owner.

Vastu for institute : Vastu tips

Some basic tips of Vastu shastra for institute are mention below:

  • Jupiter, the lord of knowledge and mercury, the lord of mental vitality rule the north and northeast direction respectively. So, these are consider the most suitable directions for the entrance of any institute.
  • The entrance of the classrooms must be made in the eastern direction.
  • Northwest is the most suitable direction for the construction of a staff room.
  • The canteen of the institute must be in the southeast direction of the building.
  • There must be a playground for students in the educational institutes or schools constructed and well maintained in the east portion of the building.

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Vastu shastra for institute (2021)

  • The construction of the library must be in the western portion of the building. The librarian must ensure the availability of knowledgeable books in the library kept in an arranged manner.
  • The toilets should be in the northwest direction, not adjacent to any classroom.
  • Southwest and south are the two preferable directions for the construction of the principal’s office.
  • Reception and the cashier’s desk must be either in the eastern or northern direction.
  • The construction of a boundary wall is a must as it generates positive energy and magnetic vibes and it is believe to bring peace to the place.

There must be smooth functioning of the school, with tremendous teachers and hard-working students, and contact Vastu for institute. It, therefore, ensures the popularity and prosperity of the educational institute.