Vastu for Interiors Designing

Vastu for Interiors

The proper implication of the principles of Vastu shastra in the interiors of a house portrays a deep understanding of all the zones. Vastu for interiors aims towards eliminating all the negative zones of your home and deals with placing the lighter objects in the positive zones of the house. Generally, North, East, and northeast are considered as positive zones, whereas, south, west, and southwest are the negative zones.

Vastu for interiors: Vastu tips

The Vastu principles for different objects used for interior designing are mentioned below:

  • Vastu for painting: heavy statues should never be placed in the northeast corner of a room or a house. The paintings portray any kind of war. Violence must always be avoided as they create negativity in the environment.
  • Vastu for curtains: light-colored curtains must always be used in the bedrooms, while the living room should be decorated with dark-colored curtains. One must always make sure to avoid the red and black color while choosing the curtains.
  • Vastu for lights: the rooms of the house must be lit with bright lights. The dim lights create negativity and laziness in the environment of the house. Lights of the house set the perfect vibes of the house as they ensure positivity at any place. The main door must never be kept dark and must be well lit and contact Vastu shastra for interiors.

Vastu Experts in India

Vastu shastra for interiors

  • Vastu for the floor: according to Vastu, mosaic, ceramic tiles, and marble is the best-suited material for flooring in a house.
  • The Vastu for electrical objects: the high heat-producing objects such as gas stove, oven, etc. must be kept in the southeast direction of the house. Whereas the basic entertainment devices such as television. The computer must be placed in the north, east, or southeast direction of the particular room.

For more specific details of Vastu for interiors of the house, you can always avail of the services of Vastu experts.