Vastu for Kitchen

Vastu for kitchen

Vastu shastra is the science of architecture and it is believed for ages that a kitchen constructed according to the principles of Vastu shastra attracts prosperity and healthy living. The kitchen of an Indian household is considered the most integral part of the home, where the heart of all the family members lies since we are all big foodies. So, Vastu for kitchen is very essential as it ensures the perfect route for positive energy in the house.

Vastu for kitchen: Vastu tips

Some important principles of Vastu shastra for kitchen that must be considered for the perfect layout of kitchen are as follows:

  • The southeastern corner of the house must be given the most preference for setting up of the kitchen.
  • North, east, and west are the three most suitable directions for the door of the kitchen.
  • The gas stove must be in the southeast corner kept a few inches away from the wall. It must be placed in a way that the cook can face towards the east direction while cooking food.
  • The electrical equipment used in the kitchen must be kept in either south or southeast direction.
  • The water filter or the pitcher must be in the northeast corner of the kitchen.

Vastu shastra for kitchen (2021)

  • If you wish to place a clock in the kitchen, you should use either south or southwest wall for the purpose.
  • Type of flooring that must be preferred in the kitchen:
    • (a) Ceramic tiles
    • (b) Marble
    • (c) Mosaic
  • The most suitable color scheme for the walls of the kitchen:
    • (a) Orange
    • (b) Rose
    • (c) Yellow
    • (d) Red
    • (e) Dark brown
    • (f) You must always avoid black colored walls in your kitchen
  • Factors that must necessarily be avoided in the kitchen:
    • (a) Kitchen should never be constricted near, below, or above the washroom of the house.
    • (b) The door of the kitchen should never face the main door of the house.
    • (c) The pooja room of the home must not be above the stove as it brings bad luck in the lives of family members and contacts Vastu for kitchen.