Advance Tips Vastu for Mall

Vastu for Mall

Constructing any commercial center according to the rules of Vastu shastra is always beneficial because they ensure a great deal of profit. Principles of Vastu for mall not only guarantees a prosperous business but also a great deal of profit in the entertainment and food zone of the mall.

Vastu for mall: Vastu tips

Some basic points of Vastu shastra for mall that must always be considered are:

  • For the PVRs in malls, the screen must always be either in the north or the east direction. The seats must be arranged in the slopping direction accordingly.
  • The food court of the mall must be preferably in the southwest direction of the building. The Southeast direction is most preferred for the kitchen inside the restaurant.
  • The air conditioner plant must be install in the southeast direction.
  • The Southeast part of the building is also considered positive for the installation of the transformer, generator, and other electrical appliances required in the mall.
  • Toilet blocks on each floor must be in the southeast direction only.
  • The best directions for the setting up of artificial waterfalls or fountains must be in the northeast, north, or the east direction of the site.
  • The artificial fountains must be preferably outside the malls in the open area.
  • There must be enough lighting in the central part of the building/mall.
  • The entrance of the mall should always look attractive and security guards and proper facilities must be available for visitors.

Vastu Shastra for Mall

For the more specific implications of Vastu for mall, you must always avail the services of Vastu consultants. The experts appointed by the consultancy focus even on the minor details such as:

  • In-depth analysis of client’s site.
  • Use of natural elements in the site for making some necessary recommendations.
  • Preparation of an explanatory report that has the details of each area of the site as per the rules of Vastu shastra.