Best Tips Vastu for Marriage Hall

vastu for Marriage Hall

Marriages have become quite an expensive affair nowadays and people prefer marriage halls to celebrate their matrimonial bond. The fashion of marriage halls is constantly booming as lavish marriage has now become the symbol of standard. However, the place where marriage rituals take place imparts a great impact on the prosperity of the marriage and contact Vastu for marriage hall.

So, whenever you are looking for a marriage hall, make sure it has the right implementation of Vastu and even the makes should focus on Vastu while constructing the marriage halls, this will let them have happy clients and greater business. So, if you are planning to construct or book a marriage hall, contact the Vastu experts to know what all properties it should have.

Vastu for Marriage hall: Vastu tips

What is the perfect Vastu for marriage halls?

Some of the considerable Vastu tips and points for marriage halls are:

  • The stage should be located in the West so that the couple can face the East direction while sitting on the stage. The entrance should be towards the East and north direction.
  • The plot should be in square, rectangular, or any regular shape. Whereas an oval or round shape should be avoided and contact Vastu shastra for marriage hall.
  • The electrical equipment, be it a dance floor, music system or even transformer, should be located in the South-east.
  • Parking should be constructed in the North-West or South-East.
  • The food arrangements should be made towards the North-West or North.
  • The sitting should be towards South-West or North.
  • The Mandap, which is the most important part, should be located towards the northeast. But the fire must be lit towards the South-east direction.
  • Toilets should be facing North-West or West.
  • Owner-Room should be located in South-West.

There are many other things that you need to take into consideration while designing a marriage hall. You must consult the experts before making any plan so that your structure can know everything about Vastu for marriage hall.