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The first and the foremost step in constructing something on land is purchasing the plot. Vastu experts provide various necessary details to their clients for buying a plot, depending on their purpose of the purchase, and contact Vastu for plots.

Factors such as size, shape, and location play a vital role in the process. Depending upon the position and shape of the plot. Some important instructions as per the rules of Vastu shastra are mentioned below:

Vastu for plots : Vastu tips

  • Cardinal plots – the plots that are aligned towards North, South, East, and West are also known as fundamental directions are referred to as the most desirable ones. In cardinal plots, the magnetic axis of the plot is parallel to the magnetic axis of the earth.
  • Vidisha plots – in this kind of plot, the fundamental directions that are north, south, west, and east are placed in the four corners of the plot. In such kinds of plots, the earth’s magnetic axis makes an angle with the magnetic axis of the plot and contact Vastu shastra for plots.
  • Rectangle plots – these are the plots; whose opposite sides are equal to each other. The ratio of width to length in such plots must not be more than 1:2. Such kinds of plots bring prosperity and good health to the lives of individuals.

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Vastu shastra for plots

  • Square plots – the plots which have all four equal sides are square-shaped plots. In terms of Vastu, these plots are considered as best kind of plots as they bring in happiness and good health.
  • Shermukhi plots – these plots are also known as vyaghra plots. These are narrow in the front and broad at the end side.
  • Gaumukhi Plots – the plots that are narrow in front and broad at the end are called Gurmukhi plots. Such kinds of plots that have the broader part in the northeast direction. The road/ entrance on the southeast are preferred for residential purposes.

So, there are many more concepts on plot purchasing based on different characteristics of the plot. To have a perfect knowledge of Vastu for plots you can always avail the services of Vastu consultants.