Tips of Vastu for Pooja Room

Vastu for Pooja Room

We all have immense faith in God and hence, the pooja room in all Indian families is considered the most peaceful place of the house. The proper implication of Vastu for Pooja Room room will always enhance the positivity in the house. Some important Vastu tips that one must be considered for the pooja room in the house are as follows:

Vastu for Pooja Room : Vastu tips

  • The pyramid-shaped rooms are always preferred and are considered the best for pooja room.
  • In a house with more than one floor, the pooja room must always be constructed on the ground floor.
  • The northeast zone of the corner, also known as the Ishaan zone is considered best for the pooja room.
  • Pooja room should not be constructed at the following places:
    • (a) Under a staircase
    • (b) Next to a toilet or a bathroom
    • (c) In a storeroom
    • (d) In the basement
  • The mandir of the house should never be made in the bedroom. In case, due to unavailability of any other place in the house, this situation becomes unavoidable them the mandir in the bedroom should always be at a specific clean place covered with a beautiful curtain and contact Vastu shastra for Pooja Room.
Vastu for pooja-room
  • If there is unavailability of a separate room to be made as pooja room in any house, then in such situation, the kitchen of the house is considered the most suitable place for the placement of god and a lamp.
  • Broken idols of any deity must never be used in the pooja room.
  • The door closers should not be used for the doors of pooja room.
  • White, light yellow, and light blue are the most suitable colors for pooja room. The usage of wood or marble is considered best for pooja room.
  • Vastu says that pictures of deceased persons should not be placed in pooja room and contact Vastu for Pooja Room.