Vastu Expert Tips Vastu for School

vastu for school

A child considers school as his second home. School is often seen as an auspicious place and is often regarded as the place of worship and temple of knowledge. School is where we spend our entire childhood learning various things that make us a good person in life. If constructed in a perfect manner, school premises play a vital role in the overall development of the person. Vastu for school is a huge concept that has a bunch of guidelines from the construction of the school to the basic arrangement in a way that ensures positivity, encourages concentration level, and brings peace and prosperity in the lives of students as well teachers.

Vastu for school: Vastu tips

Some basic principles of Vastu shastra for school as suggested by the experts are mentioned below:

  • The location of the school must be decided in a way that it is reachable to a maximum number of people living in the city.
  • The entrance of any educational institute must either be in east or north direction only. These two directions for the purpose of entrance are considered auspicious.
  • The prayer hall is a must in any school so that children can gather along in disciple for morning prayers before starting with their everyday studies. North-east direction with required ventilation is considered best for the purpose and contact Vastu shastra for school.
  • The reception of the school must be near to the entrance at ground floor only.
  • The classrooms must be considerably large in size, well painted, and well ventilated with clean windows.
  • The Southeast direction of the school is considered most appropriate for setting up the canteen area. Healthy and clean food must be served at the school canteen. Southeast direction is considered good as it ensures the fulfillment of grain and happiness.
  • Toilets both for girls and boys separately must be build on each floor of the school. The Northeast portion on each floor is considered suitable for the purpose and Vastu for school.