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Vastu for Shop

A perfect layout as per the rules of Vastu for the shop holds a huge potential to improve the overall business. Some major benefits of Vastu for shop are mentioned below:

  • Customers will feel comfortable shopping in a Vastu friendly outlet and hence will purchase more products.
  • Pleasant experience for the buyers once they step into the showroom.
  • The most suitable direction for the cabin of the owner is south and west. The owner must face east or the north direction while sitting in the chair.
  • The shop must preferably be constructed on a rectangular or square-shaped plot as they are considered auspicious and ensure productivity.
  • Unnecessary extensions without the consult of Vastu experts must not be done at the shop site since it may bring bad luck along with the loss of wealth.
  • East and northeast are the two directions considered most auspicious for the entrance of the shop as it allows a path for positive energy inside the house. Customers will revisit shopping every time.

Vastu for shop: Vastu tips

  • The positive impact of the respected brand on the customers.
  • Enhance peace, prosperity, and success in the life of the owner of the outlet.
  • The good ambiance and more customers also serve as a competitive opportunity.

Some important principles of Vastu shastra for shop that must be adopted are:

  • All the heavy material including the raw material and the dumping material must be stored or kept in the southwest direction of the shop.
  • The cash counter of the shop must be in the north direction and the cash cabin must have an opening towards north direction. It ensures the flow of wealth.
  • The computer, television, or the CCTV camera screen must be in the southeast portion of the shop only and contact Vastu for shop.
  • All the doors in the shop must be good and must not make any kind of noise while opening and closing.