Important Tips Vastu for Stairs

Vastu for Stairs

Most of the modern houses these days consist of multiple floors and require an adequate structure to bridge the vertical distance between the two floors. The staircase in the house plays a vital role in the purpose. The first step in the construction of the staircase must be the preparation of the blueprint of the staircase and getting it confirmed by a Vastu expert. Vastu for stairs will help you eliminate all the negative energies from your household and allow an unobstructed flow of positive energy.

Vastu for Stairs: Vastu tips

Some Vastu shastra for stairs relevant points that must be considered for building the staircase, both at home and office are as follows:

  • The western and southern corner of the house or office is considered as the most auspicious direction for the construction of the staircase.
  • The stairs must be constructed in a clockwise direction.
  • The total number of stairs must always be odd in number.
  • A staircase starting from the north direction must end towards a south direction. The staircase from the east to the west direction is also considered auspicious.
  • The construction of spiral staircases must always be avoided.
  • The construction of stairs that encircle the entire building must be avoided.

Vastu Shastra for Stairs (2021)

  • The staircase of a home or office should never touch the walls in the north and the east direction.
  • The stairs must climb you towards west or south direction whereas, bring you back down towards east or north direction.
  • In case, your staircase requires any kind of repair, you must get it done immediately. Delays in the work can lead to some severe accidents.
  • The staircase must always be well lit. Colors like red and black must be avoided as they bring in bad luck.
  • The first step of the staircase must never be constricted round or circular in shape and contact Vastu for stairs.