Need Improve Tips Vastu for Study Room

Vastu for Study Room

It requires a lot of concentration, attention, and focus to study. All these factors required for the learning process at first require a calm place where a person can sit with a composed and open mind to study. The proper implications of Vastu for Study Room ensure positivity, increase the grasping power of a person, and increase the retention power of the brain. Some basic tips to be followed for a comfortable study room are as follows:

Vastu for Study Room: Vastu tips

  • The study room should preferably be constructed in the west portion of the house. And if due to any reason the west portion of the house is occupied then, you may consider the east or northeast corner as the most suitable one for the purpose.
  • While studying, the student must face either east or north direction.
  • The study room must be well ventilated with clean windows so as to welcome the natural air in the room. East, north, and west walls are best for windows in the study room.
  • The study room should have adequate light and one must never study in dim light as it can be harmful to the eyesight of the individual.
  • Avoid facing an empty or a blank wall or window while studying. Place your study table and chair accordingly.

Vastu shastra for Study Room (2021)

  • The study room should preferably not have an attached washroom with it.
  • The books shelf or the cupboard must be on the north or the east wall. Books kept in the southwest corner of the room remain untouched and hence give no knowledge to the person.
  • Try to keep your book in proper condition, while your study table must be kept clean and arranged.
  • To improve the concentration level, there must not be any kind of noise and disturbance in the study room.
  • The square or rectangular study tables must be preferred and contact Vastu shastra for Study Room.