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vastu for wealth

The wealth can only be achieved when all the energies are calibrated and properly tuned in one’s life. Money plays a major role in our lives, but the imbalance of cosmic energies can give you hard time with money and wealth. All five elements: fire, water, earth, air, and space should be in equilibrium to maintain monetary prosperity. Even the minor imbalance can lead to devastating conditions and thus rules of Vastu for wealth should be followed in a proper manner to bring financial well-being in one’s life.

Vastu for wealth: Vastu tips

Attract Finacial Possibilities and Wealth with these Vastu tips

Importance of North-East direction: Indians preached Lord Kuber as he is said to be the deity of wealth and prosperity. Also, he is the synonym for glory or gold. It is said the Lord Kuber is the owner of the Northeast direction. So, this direction should be free from all wastes and obstructions such as shoes-racks, toilets, and heavy materials or Vastu shastra for wealth. If there is an abundance of material in the Northeast direction, make sure you clean it immediately. To attract more wealth and financial growth, it is advised to place a mirror or Kuber Yantra in the NE direction and Vastu for wealth.

Keep lockers in the South-West zone: The South-West direction is also very important to maintain financial stability. So, you can store all your jewelry, money, and financial stuff in the South-West direction to attract wealth. But make sure the openings of safes or vaults should be facing the north-east direction and Vastu shastra for wealth.

Keep your home neat: If there is a lot of mess and clutter is in the house, it will repel the wealth, and hence it important to maintain the sanitary conditions of the house to invite more wealth and financial possibilities. Also, pay extra attention to the central position or living room of the house.

These are the few tips that can bring more wealth to your life but if you want to discover all the fundamentals of Vastu for wealth, it is recommended to contact our Vastu consultants.